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Let me analyze the official art seriously this time


So, I’ve joked before about how shippy the official art has been despite Art being the enemy now, specially when considering how Moral’s official Art was.

Well, thinking back on it more seriously, I realized there is something very strange going on.

That is: when Art is in a group image, he isnt acting or looking evil in them. And its weird given that in the anime, Art is actually avoiding killing anyone, but wants to kill Nice. You’d think when he was near Nice he’d act evil, specially since he’s the villain right? yet the fanart has him friendly with Nice.

It cant even be excused as these images being before he became evil because a) they are for Re: hamatora, they should represent the character now and more importantly b)in a recent image he’s clearly with his villain clothes on (see beyond the read more) yet he’s smiling in a non-threatening way at Nice.

But there are images of Art looking/acting like a “bad guy” but...this is only when he isnt near Nice. Such as the “king” image and him alone in a destroyed room with a gun looking at the viewer coldly. See them below the cut

The image in Art in a group where he looks most evil (see below cut too) is again not him actually evil like in the “king” image, but just secluded from the rest.

And then there is this:


Is noone asking themselves whats up with Art’s pose? like, why does he not leer at Nice like “yes finally have you where i can kill you” and instead clearly distraught and praying? As if he doesnt want to be in this situation. And joking aside, why would he not want to be near Nice, unless he doesnt want to actually kill him and is praying to find the will to do it or be stopped somehow.

So I dont know. It could be simply that the producers decided that pandering to shippers would give them more money if they had Art and Nice being friendly, or it could be pointing to something else…like implying he really doesnt want to kill Nice…

Either way, I felt like mentioning this as I waited for the next episode ^^

Under the read more are most (but not all) of the official art for re: Hamatora so you can see what i mean. Most come from murasaki4you,and artbooksnat, thanks for them!

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